Coach backpack women
Coach backpack women

Women’s Guide to Portability: Coach Backpack Women

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We always see backpack as something that is boyish and alike, but there is this thing called Coach backpack women. While other pack manufacturers might see backpack as a thing that is made for boys and men only, Coach takes the backpack further into the realm of womanhood. Coach has carefully designed and manufactured these backpacks for the greater good of women, making them a thing that can help women get creative with their choices.

Without further ado, let us begin with the first backpack that we have on the list:

Manhattan backpack

This particular backpack is made of pebbled leather and we all know how good a pebbled leather is when it is turned into a bag. When you buy this one, you can get lots of pockets that can work as a phone pocket, a small tablet pocket, or a drawing pad pocket. It also got a sleeve for laptops that are not too big in size. It is opened and closed with the help of clip and it got a top handle for when you are tired of slinging on your back. The pockets also fill the exterior of the bag, all closure with zippers.

If it is not obvious, it takes its inspiration from the city of New York and many people have called it the bag that is highly accessible. It comes in two colors, chalk white and denim blue.

Campus pack with baseball stitch

Although I have written a bit about the campus backpack before, this one is a bit different because it only got one strap on it. Of course, it will be smaller than the ordinary campus backpack, but it is a bit more stylish thanks to it having only one strap on it (‘one strap army’ is a pretty popular term in my country). It is made of buffalo leather and it got tech sleeve with a securing tab so your gadget will not be thrown around when you are running or doing other things.

It is available in black and black antique. I do not know how to differentiate between the two so I will leave the color to your imagination.

Hudson backpack

This one is made of calf leather, and because calf leather will always be better if left uncolored, the only color this backpack got is dark saddle (which is brown for the uninitiated). It got multifunction pockets inside, ready for the filling. All of the pockets are zipper locked, so there is a higher chance of the zipper to get stuck.

This bag is not inherently bad, however. If you are looking for the rugged country look, you can choose this one backpack to compliment your whole look. It can also be called a vintage looking backpack for its natural brown color, so you can fit it on that look as well. The pouch in front, although it might not look much, can actually fit a tablet or a really big phone for those who have them. All in all, this bag is a good Coach backpack women for those wanting to embrace the class in vintage.

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