Coach backpack purse
Coach backpack purse

The Purse Pursuit: Coach Backpack Purse

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The purse is something of a must when you want to walk that street all looking like you own more than you show, and one of the brands that I can recommend to you is Coach backpack purse. Why Coach and not any other brands? What are the products that Coach can give to you? Why should you care for this article?

First, because Coach is a brand that knows how they should treat their customers. They are in line with the trend that is ongoing at the moment and they know how to capitalize on that trend. When a company knows how to capitalize on a trend, that company is certainly a good company. Good companies make good stuff, hence why I recommend you Coach more than any other brands out there. They are also cheaper when you compare the prices of the stuff with any other famous brands.

Second, there are lots of products that Coach offers, making it one of my reason for why I am writing this article instead of writing about Gucci or Prada or other. You can find the examples of the products later in this article.

Third, simply because this article can help you find the best purse for you. Women (and men to some extent) will sometimes require a purse to help them keep the important objects in their lives. To keep it well, they will need a sturdy and stylish purse. They can also use the purse as a complementary accessory to their clothes, which makes purses a thing with many users behind them.

Coach is a brand that creates purses, and when they create them, they create them GOOD. Here are several examples of Coach’s purses:

Soft Wallet

Yes, the name might not be that creative, but believe me when I say that simple is the new good.

Coach’s Soft Wallet is a purse that is made of leather. You can fit eight cards within the wallet and there is also space where you can throw your bills in without having to rumple them. It got coin pockets on the outside, making it accessible when you need to throw out some changes AND it is not that big nor it is too small. It fits lots of hands and lots of colors are ripe for the picking.

Floral printed medium zip around

When the colors are not enough for you, then perhaps this one will be better because this one got floral prints all over the purse. This one is made of canvas, so it is not that sturdy compared to the leather one, but it can fit even more cards (ten) and it got the same bill compartment as the one from before. Zippers line this purse and it has that vintage look to it. It is water resistant to some degree, but do not bring it on a swim or you will risk ruining it prematurely.

Flap wallet color block

If one colored purse is not enough and you want something else other than a purse with motifs, then this one should satisfy your desire. This one got three different colors in a single purse, so it is the most colorful purse out of the three. Made of pebbled leather and can fit six cards, debit or credit. The pockets and the closure are all snaps, so you will not risk ruining the zippers. This is the smallest of the three Coach backpack purse available

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