Coach mini backpack
Coach mini backpack

The Portable Minis: Coach Mini Backpack

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If you are looking for a new backpack for a road trip or whatever, you will never do any worse than getting yourself a coach mini backpack. Sometimes, when we want to go somewhere a bit far from our house, we have to bring with us something that can help us carry kinds of stuff. Important stuff such as wallets, water bottles (if you carry one), and gadgets (if you need them) will never fit in the pockets of our pants and our shirts only. We need to keep an additional storing place, probably one we can easily carry if we intend to go for a hiking or something. Because a carrier might be too heavy and a purse too small, you can always choose the middle ground, which is a mini backpack.

A mini backpack is actually pretty self-explanatory. It is a backpack, a pack that we strap on our back, and it is mini. It is a backpack that is small in size, but it still retains the shape of your backpack. Usually, it comes with many zippers and pockets for your use, but sometimes there are backpacks that omitted the extra pockets for a larger space in the ‘main space’ part.

They come at many different prices and many different brands, but did you know that there are brands of backpacks that are just plain sucky brands? We as a customer will always try to find the best of the best, and when we are talking about backpacks, only the best will serve us well. That is why I am going to introduce you to brand of the backpack that some of you might have heard. The name of the product that I am going to talk about today is Coach.

When I first heard the brand Coach, I was taken aback. I think to myself: ‘the heck with this brand?’ because I don’t even know what this brand is. When I tried the backpack myself, however, I have found myself wanting more of the same. That is why I am going to give you several collections of mini backpacks that you can peruse. Wondering where they are? Go check it out below:

Coach mini portable pebble leather backpack

When we talk Coach, we talk about leather. When we talk leather, we talk class. When we talk leather backpack from Coach, we talk about how nice it is to have an amazing brand strapped on our back. This particular backpack, aside from being mini and portable, oozes the word ‘class’ more often than not.

It comes in many colors ranging from black to magenta and fuchsia (which is a new term for me) and you can also get it for a hefty sum of 160 US Dollars. I know it might seem a lot for lots of people, but see this as an investment, okay? That way it will not be that too much of a price.

The second one is Coach Charlie pebble leather backpack

If the mini is too small for you, you might want to look at this particular backpack because this one is a bit bigger. It is still made of leather, so the class is not a question here, and it can fit lots of other stuff when compared to the mini one.

The color selection is not that huge when compared to the mini and the price is higher as well (in 220 US dollars), but it can fit a small laptop or gadgets better than the mini one. Hence you should not omit this one from the list of Coach mini backpack that you should get.

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