Coach Bleecker backpack
Coach Bleecker backpack

Right Coach Bleecker Backpack for Men

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Coach Bleecker backpack is a heavy duty backpack with a lot of compartments and components. It is only made of leather as the main material for the backpack, so you can expect it to have more formal looks compared to other types of the backpack. It is great as a peripheral fashion item, or to be used daily for men because the backpack is usually big. Here are some things you need to know before buying a coach Bleecker backpack.

Overall looks

The first impression when you see Bleecker backpack is classy, yet durable and very useful. Thanks to its main material and designs, the leather creates such impression that attracts more men than women. The outside of the bag has two big compartments that can be accessed easily through a belt-like a lock. After you unlock the compartment, you will see zip that seals all things stored in the backpack. Coach Bleecker backpack has two main colors, black and brown leather. Both are designed modernly and create a very formal impression. It is good to be used daily, either to go for a meeting or do daily errands in your office. The design and color of the backpack work great with men’s formal outfits such as a vest, suits, or formal plain shirts. Combine it with pump shoes and formal pants, your looks will be much greater and the backpack can be the main attraction for people who see you. Keep it minimal since classy looks can be destroyed if you use unnecessary accessories.

Inside the bag and functionality

As you may expect, the inside of the bag is very spacious so you can put almost all important things you need to bring. The dimension of the backpack is 14 1/2″ (L) x 17 3/4″ (H) x 7″ (W). Because of its big size, the backpack provides you with inside laptop sleeve, inside zipping, and also cellphone and multifunction pockets. Based on its dimension, you can fit any laptop into your backpack with a size up to 17”. Because of this big size and multifunctional pockets, a lot of men prefer this backpack as their main backpack for work. Aside from daily use, you can also use it as a travel backpack since it can accommodate a lot of things you need to bring with ease. Be wary that Coach Bleecker backpack is a high-end backpack, so you need to dig your pockets a little bit deeper to get this useful and modern backpack.

Go along with the sayings ‘price tag along with the quality’, the Bleecker backpack gives all you need without having to worry about small details. This backpack has it all, from multifunctional pockets, laptop sleeves, modern and classy looks, it is all men can get a backpack. You can use this backpack for work or travel because of its durability and usefulness. This backpack is a men’s dream, so if you have the money, it is worth to buy. Arguably, Coach Bleecker backpack is the greatest high-end backpack available in stores right now.

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