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Know the Clues Of Authentic Coach Backpack

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Coach backpack certainly can add anyone’s stylish look. However, it is important to know whether the coach bag you have is the authentic one or not. More importantly, it is very crucial to know the authenticity start from before purchasing it. To help you in identifying whether the coach bag you have or you are going to buy is authentic or not, here are some clues to the authentic coach bag:

  1. The zipper

In common, the most coach will have YKK zippers. To check it, it usually stamped on the side of the zipper.

  1. The signature design

Both in inside or outside of the bag, putting signature design is rare for the authentic coach bags. However, when there is a signature design on the outside, one clue to check its authenticity is that the inside lining should be solid. On the other hand, the signature design on the inside will leave no other on the outside. Therefore, if you find the signature design both inside and outside, it is very possible that the coach bag is a fake.

  1. Country

Since China is popular for making a similar product of many brands, it does not mean that every product they make is a fake. It goes the same for coach bag as well. Coach bag is originated and made in the USA. However, since it already passed a long history and keep being the choice of many people, this bag then known all over the world. It keeps developing. Now, it is manufactured in many more countries including China. Other countries are Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Hungary, India, Italy, Mexico, and Turkey. So, if your coach has the label of “made in …” in one of those countries, do not throw it on the garbage since they may be as authentic as the one manufactured in the USA.

  1. The label and the serial number

If you buy coach bag manufactured in late 1960, then it is common that it will have no serial numbers. It is because serial numbers are just added to each bag started from 1970 until 1980. After that time, Coach used the modern format, which consists of the combination of letters and numbers. It uses set of numbers in the last after a dash to indicate the style of each bag. Even so, there is still some manufacturer who tried to fake these serial numbers. Some fake serial numbers, which you need to be aware, are: H4B-0516, , H4B-0517, H4B-0532, H4B-0678, M4N-4154, TN-9951, TN-4186, 7H-7456, 4C-9911, 40-8624, NT-4903, NT-4908, NT-4115, NT-4157, TN-9096, TN-9085, and 233-5678. Those are not all fake serial numbers you can find, many other still present. For more information, when you find a coach bag with only six serial numbers, you can just leave it. All authentic coach bags will have seven letters or numbers at least.

Those are all information we can share about some clues of authentic coach bag. Always have a thorough check if you do not want to end in disappointment because of buying the fake coach backpack

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