Coach Charlie backpack
Coach Charlie backpack

Choosing the Right Coach Charlie Backpack

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Coach Charlie backpack is a great fashion item since most of them have dark and soft color, so it can be matched with various types of clothing. Choosing charlie backpack can be tricky if you are not paying attention to its color and material. Here are some tips you should know before getting yourself a coach Charlie backpack

How to wear it

Charlie backpack looks great on their own since most of them have classy and casual looks. Of course, you can find the sporty one, but Charlie backpack works well with casual and semi-formal outfits. The soft and dark color of charlie backpack can be matched with polos, shirts, or long sleeves depending on your style. This type of backpack can be matched with almost any color, as long as the complementary color is not too shocking or striking. Charlie backpack is greater if you wear casual outfits since the material and colors are made to be casual in some ways. There are some people who mix charlie backpack with jogger or khaki pants, but with casual tops such as a soft toned sweater or polos. For a male, it is best to avoid charlie backpack with slim slings. Charlie backpack with slim slings work wonders for female. Slim slings charlie backpack can be matched with any dress but long dress for casual looks. Another option is to wear long sleeved tops with motive and combine it with plain charlie backpack.

Material and motives

Charlie backpacks don’t come in one type of material. There are some common materials used in charlie backpack such as leather and synthetic. The material used in the backpack has obviously affected the price, so make sure that you choose the right charlie backpack with your budget. The leather backpack has classier looks compared to the synthetic one which has more casual essence embedded into it. You should also pay attention to choose whether plain or plain charlie backpack. Most people prefer the plain ones, but of course, you can choose the backpack with motives and mix it with casual clothing. Leather material is somehow stronger but you need extra care to keep the looks of your backpack is as good as a new one. As you may know, leather needs extra care especially backpack where you always put it on a surface. Synthetic is more durable but has minor issues with skin irritation and such. So you can choose one of that material then go straight to a plain, or a motive charlie backpack.

As a casual fashion item, charlie backpack is a must-have item. The classy and elegant looks work well with casual and semi-formal outfits. Plain charlie backpack is greater for more formal outfits while the motive charlie backpack is good to be matched with greater variation of clothing. Pay attention that small slings and small-sized charlie backpack are usually made for female, so the male can choose a bigger backpack with bigger slings. Those are things you should know before getting yourself a coach Charlie backpack.

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